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Bunbury Sofa and Fabric Protection Bunbury

For the ultimate protection that lasts!

Fabric protector is an excellent choice for families with children or pets and is often part of a warranty requirement. It makes regular cleaning easier and helps to prevent stains. Fabric protection does wear off slowly with vacuuming and normal foot traffic and does need to be re-applied periodically. Long Lasting Sofa Protection is an investment for sofas as it provides protection that keeps them looking cleaner for a longer period of time, even after heavy traffic. With regular vacuuming, protection can remain effective for up to three years, or up to 3 steam cleans.

Soil and stain protection is commonly referred to as "scotch guard". That's the most commonly available brand, designed for use with sofas, furniture and fabric for soil and stain protection. There are many different levels of quality even within the scotch guard brand name. One scotch guard isn't necessarily the same as another scotch guard.

At Sofa Cleaners we are committed to the highest quality products and services. Our promise to you is to make sure when we apply stain protector to your sofa or upholstery that you are getting the protection from stains that you expect. All Sofa's fabric protector (scotch guard) provides effective protection by surrounding individual fibers with invisible shield to make the fabric more resistant to getting stained or soiled and ultimately, extends its life, boasts great foot traffic resistance and is suitable for hot water extraction cleaning.

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Our second promise is to apply it correctly. Many within our industry will cut corners here. In order to give you the protection that you expect we need to mix it properly and then apply it properly.

It's always our recommendation that our clients care for their sofas well being, extend their sofas life and reduce cleaning costs by allowing sofa protector to be used after steam cleaning has been performed.

What Does It Do?

Fabric Protection (or scotchguarding) is an invisible barrier on sofas and upholstery that prevents stains, soils and spills from adhering to the sofa or upholstery fibre. When applied, this solvent based product effectively applies an invisible barrier to every fibre for maximum protection. It's colorless and odorless after the initial application.

Fabric Protection does not allow liquid to penetrate into the sofa, it will simply "bead up" or fall between the fibres, not into them. it works as an insurance premium for your sofa. It helps prevent spills or stains from dying the colour of the sofa so liquids such as colas, milk & coffee can be easily cleaned (when treated straight away, as per "After Care Instructions"). Most spills, treated immediately as per after care instructions, will come out - care should be taken for removal of acid-based stains.

Fabric Protection also prevents dirt from sticking to the sofa fibres. The dirt is held loosely around the sofa fibres making removal of the dirt easier. Which makes your sofas appear cleaner and remain like new for longer.

Because dirt does not stick to the fabric, vacuuming becomes more effective. When vacuuming untreated fabrics (with a normal vacuum cleaner) only 60% of the dirt is removed, the other 40% builds up in the fabric. When they are treated with a fabric protection up to an extra 40% of the dirt is vacuumed away.

Treated fabric remain cleaner for a longer period than untreated fabric - saving you money!

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Why get your sofa, rug or sofa protected?

  • Protects from spills and other stains
  • Preserves the appearance of your sofa
  • Resists soiling
  • Helps prevent the growth of germs, bacteria and fungi
  • Lasts up to 3 Years, or up to 4 cleans
  • Increases the life and slows down the wearing of your sofa
  • Research confirms that it slows down the wearing of your sofa by at least 25%
  • Protection that lasts!

One misperception we come across is that it will keep your sofas and upholstery from getting dirty. Not so. Your usage will determine that. If you have small children 2 dogs and cat you're more likely to have accidents and soiling then say a single person living alone. What it does do is provide you a level of protection against the soil or stain becoming a permanent part of your home.

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