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Sofa Cleaners Darwin

Sofa Cleaners Pty Ltd is Australia's leading sofa care specialist. We are your specialist service for Sofa Steam Cleaning, Sofa Dry Cleaning, Sofa Deodorising & Stain Removal, Sofa Restoration & Sofa Protection. If you need advice on cleaning your old sofa or protecting your brand new sofa, or need a professional to do it for you, then you have come to the right place.

Sofa Steam Cleaning & Sofa Dry Cleaning

For homes, hotels, hospitals, clubs, offices and business premises!

We cover All Darwin!

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Sofa Cleaners provides both steam cleaning and dry cleaning for your sofa, and our service covers all suburbs within 60 minutes drive from Darwin CBD.

Nothing cleans your sofa more than a professional clean by SofaCleaners! With us your sofa is cleaned in accordance to the industry standards, Our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your sofas are cleaned thoroughly.

Sofa Cleaners Pty Ltd employs experienced sofa cleaning specialists and offers the service most suited for your sofa as well as expert stain and odour removal treatment of such stains.

Restore & Protect your Sofa with Sofa Cleaners ® !

At Sofa Cleaners ® Darwin we are proud to provide high-quality customer service and guarantee our work.

Our professionally trained technicians specialise in upholstery cleaning & protection treatments using superior products and outstanding customer service.

We are the experts in cleaning:

  • Sofas
  • Chaises
  • Delicate or antique fabrics
  • Leather

We can provide:

  • Fabric protection treatments
  • Tough stain removal
  • Anti-allergen treatment
  • Dust mite treatment
  • Our standard Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our standard upholstery cleaning process always includes cleaning, deodorising and stain removal.

  • Our technician will arrive and conduct a pre-clean inspection.
  • We then thoroughly vacuum using an industrial strength machine, this thoroughly extracts any loose dirt from deep within the upholstery.
  • The upholstery will then be cleaned using a very effective hot water extraction method.
  • We will then go over the area in detail, searching for any remaining stains. Further stains will be treated with either water or alcohol-based stain removal solutions.
  • Any stubborn stains will be treated with either water or alcohol-based stain removal solutions and will endeavour to remove or minimise all stains.
  • On completion of the job, you will be walked through the cleaned area to ensure you are satisfied with the results.
  • Book online and our office will call you within 2 hours to confirm time and details.

At Sofa Cleaners Pty Ltd, we employ a team of technicians who specialize in professional sofa cleaning, suitable for almost any sofa style and fabric. Our team is trained to use a variety of cleaning techniques and equipment, and provided with a broad range of top-quality biodegradable upholstery cleaning chemicals.

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If you are looking for professional sofa cleaning, you've come to the right place. Sofa Cleaners ® has years of experience and the knowledge to take on even the toughest cleaning tasks. We're serious about sofa cleaning, here's why:

  • With Sofa Cleaners ® all our professional sofa cleaning appointments take place on-site, minimizing hassle and working to suit your busy schedule
  • We realize that every piece of furniture is unique, and we approach it accordingly
  • Each of our professional sofa cleaners has completed extensive training, ensuring the best possible results
  • Each sofa cleaning job is performed in an efficient, timely and courteous manner by consummate sofa cleaning professionals.
  • We use only environment friendly, biodegradable products to ensure a safe and sanitary living space for you and your family.

To book your sofa cleaning appointment, please contact us via phone on 1300 558 509 or send us an e-mail by using the contact form on the left. Get in touch with our knowledgeable staff, and leave your sofa cleaning dilemmas to us.

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Our Professional Sofa Cleaning will

  • Extend the life of your sofa.
  • Remove household dust and dust mites.
  • Remove unpleasant odours.
  • Re-vitalise sofa colour.
  • Remove stains.

We base our cleaning service on customer satisfaction and look forward to seeing you.

Sofa Cleaners ® powerful sofa cleaning service will leave your sofa clean & hygenic within hours!

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